Anne Hilborn

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               Teaching Experience


 Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech

Fall 2017          TA, Mammalogy


Spring 2017   Co-Instructor, Wildlife Field Techniques


Fall 2016          TA, Mammalogy


Spring 2016   Co-Instructor, Wildlife Field Techniques


Spring 2015    TA, Wildlife Field Techniques


Fall 2013          TA, Mammalogy




Field Techniques


Developed and taught by Marcella Kelly, the class covers experimental design, invasive and non invasive techniques for capturing and marking animals, lethal capture, orienteering,mapping and knots. We do 6 weeks of lecture in the spring, and then 10 days of intensive hands on practice at Mountain Lake Biological Station in August. During field potions, students mist net birds and bats, trap small mammals, survey for herps, set up camera traps, learn the basics of radio telemetry and do an orienteering course. In small groups they do a  research project, write up a scientific paper of the results and present it to the class. The course goals are to expose students to a variety of applied skills that will be useful to them whether they go into wildlife research and/or management.


Field Techniques Syllabus 2016






A semester long lab based course designed to give students a broad appreciation of the mammalian diversity of Virginia and the skills to identify the taxonomy of skulls and skins.



Awards and Nominations


2014   Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Outstanding  Teaching Assistant Award


2014  Nominated for the Virginia Tech  Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award.

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Field Techniques students pose in front of a newly set up camera trap. August 2015

Pic by Katie Schroeder