Anne Hilborn

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Cheetah Mustaches


Cheetahs.  They are fast, elegant, and spotted.  But that is not enough for some of them.  Some of them also rock the mustache.  There are lots of variants in the cheetah mustache world.


Most aren't blessed with a mustache at all (and feel grumpy about it)














Some are distinguished

































I never saw a cub with a mustache so it is possible that they develop with age.  Both males and females can be blessed with the facial bowtie.    And apparently some not naturally fortunate can make up for it with the ever popular Meat Mustache.



















Some are subtle

Some are refined

AH025 IMG_3493 AH329 IMG_8540 - Copy Ah695 Pecan IMG_4575 - Copy AH179 IMG_6235 AH100 IMG_4884 AH025 IMG_3535 - Copy AH193 IMG_6482 IMG_8826

While some are bad-ass

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